Armstrong Fine Art, LLC (AFA) will make every attempt to identify and describe each item or lot offered for accurately. Items are sold as is. Condition issues will never be considered grounds for the return and refund of any item. Prior to the sale, purchasers are encouraged to contact AFA to receive additional images of the items and a condition report. Further questions are welcome and will be answered to the best of our ability, time permitting.

If upon receiving the item, the authenticity or attribution proves erroneous, the purchaser should contact AFA immediately. AFA will consider, but is under no obligation, to issue a refund for a reasonable request for an item which has been erroneously attributed or proven to be a forgery. AFA must be notified within 10 calendar days of receipt of the item of such a request and the item must be returned to AFA within 20 days of receipt in its original condition. A written assessment, by a mutually agreeable authority in the field pertaining to the object, shall accompany such a return, stating clearly the item is a forgery or has been misattributed. If AFA deems that a mistake was clearly made by us, we will waive this third-party assessment requirement.

AFA reserves the right to withdraw any lot(s) from the sale without prior notice.

AFA takes bids primarily through internet bidding platforms. Bidders may also contact us to receive a proxy/absentee bidding form. AFA will scrupulously bid on proxy buyers’ behalf. AFA does not accommodate in-person bidding. AFA only allows phone bidding on rare occasions at its own discretion. Contact AFA with such a request. AFA does not take any responsibility for any errors or failure to execute bids, or for any computer malfunctions on internet bids.

AFA will require identification for all bidders not known to us, either through third-party bidding platforms such as Liveauctioneers or Invaluable, or by sending AFA a copy of a valid government-issued form of identification for proxy/absentee bidding through us.

AFA reserves the right to reject bids at its own discretion.

Lots may be subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon between AFA and the consignor. If the reserve is not met, the highest bidder shall have no right of purchase of the item, unless an agreement with the consignor can be found after the sale.

The highest bidder recognized by the auctioneer shall be the item purchaser, without recourse for dispute by any third party.

All invoices are due upon receipt. A 2% monthly interest charge will accrue for any invoice unpaid after 15 calendar days from the date of issuance. The interest will be applied at the beginning of each subsequent 30-calendar-day period. Invoices unpaid after 60 days of the sale will be considered void. Bidders who fail to pay will be barred from future sales.

All paid property left over 3 months from the date of sale will be considered abandoned.

We encourage payments by credit card through third-party bidding platforms used by AFA. The cost of these credit card fees will be passed on to the buyer. Buyers can also pay by credit card directly through AFA. For such payments, AFA charges a 3% fee. Call AFA to perform such payments.

Checks and money order payments are welcome and will not incur extra fees. Please contact AFA to let us know if such a payment is forthcoming. These payments must be in USD with funds drawn from a US-based bank. Payments by check must be accompanied by a form of identification showing both the name and the address of the buyer. If necessary, two forms of identification may be used and/or required. For buyers known to us, this requirement may be waived at the discretion of AFA. Merchandise will be held until payment by check has fully cleared. Mail checks to Armstrong Fine Art LLC – 1200 West 35th Street #186 – Chicago, IL 60609.

Wire transfer payments can be made at the cost of 25 USD. Contact us to arrange such payments.

For residents of Illinois only: all purchases will be subject to local sales taxes. City of Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois State taxes combined are currently set at 10.25%. These are subject to change. AFA will charge whatever the local sales tax happens to be at the time of sale. Purchasers who possess an Illinois tax exemption certificate (IBT number) and who submit it to AFA, will be dispensed of paying Illinois sales taxes.

For lots up to 10000 USD, a premium of 25% (30% for internet bidding) will be applied to all property sold, to be paid by the purchaser as a part of the sale price. For lots above 10000 USD, the premium shall be 20% (25% for internet bidding).

The title of ownership shall transfer to the buyer once payment has been received. From that time the buyer assumes full risk and responsibility for the item. AFA shall not be liable for any damage to property left on its premises.

Only the original purchaser of an item or lot at a sale conducted by AFA shall have any right under this agreement. No purchaser shall be entitled to any remedy, relief, or damages beyond the return of the property, cancellation of the sale, and/or refund of the purchase price. No purchaser shall be entitled to damages of any kind.

AFA offers in-house shipping exclusively. For purchasers who wish to pick up in Chicago, or are known to us, exceptions may be made at our discretion. For works of art on paper with sheet or mat sizes up to 16 x 20 inches, a flat rate of 40 USD will be charged for shipping “ground” in the continental United States (international shipping, to most destinations: 75 USD). For items up to 30 x 40 inches, the rate will be 75 USD (international shipping, to most destinations: $100). For all other items, such as paintings or framed items, a packing and shipping quote will be sent to the buyer within 5 calendar days of the sale.

Information, condition reports and registration approval requests must be received by noon on the day before the auction day (US Central Time). Thereafter AFA will try to accommodate but without guarantee.

AFA is a small business, working hard. We will treat you honestly, fairly, and kindly. Consider returning the favor.

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